“Proof of Love” Gift Basket

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Embrace the spirit of the Algarve for this event with our ‘Proof of Love’ Gift Box, a treasure trove of carefully selected delights that capture the essence of this sunny region. Each chosen item tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship and the vibrant Algarve culture.

Facial Scrub
Handmade Leaf Basket?
Handmade Earrings?
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Start your morning with the delightful tang of our orange jam, a taste of the region’s sun-ripened citrus fruits transformed into a delectable spread. Pamper your skin with our invigorating facial scrub, crafted from the luscious blend of carob and oranges, a rejuvenating treat inspired by the bounties of the Algarve orchards.

Discover the whimsical charm of our sardine-shaped bookmark, a playful nod to the region’s maritime heritage and a delightful addition to any reader’s collection. Adorn your space with the natural beauty of dried flowers gathered from the Algarve fields, their colors and fragrances encapsulating the essence of the region’s countryside.

As a centerpiece, a handmade palm leaf basket awaits, intricately woven by skilled artisan, embodying the Algarve’s dedication to traditional craftsmanship. This versatile basket serves as both a practical keepsake and a reminder of the Algarve’s rustic charm, perfect for storing cherished mementos or displaying the bounty of nature’s gifts.

The ‘Proof of Love’ gift box is a sample of the diversity and creativity of the Algarve, carefully selected to bring joy and a flavor of this vibrant region to your celebration. Embrace the warmth and beauty of the Algarve with this charming set.


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