Algarve Scent Gift Basket

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Gift the artisanal charm of the Algarve this Christmas – a gift basket that captivates the senses and celebrates local tradition.

Air Freshener
Soap Dish
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Nestled within a charming Christmas basket lies a delightful ensemble from the sunny Algarve. Handcrafted soaps, redolent of local herbs and citrus, share space with an air freshener evoking pine forests and sea breezes. Luxurious body moisturizer, infused with the region’s finest ingredients, promises indulgent nourishment. A hand-poured candle casts a serene glow, while a beautifully crafted soap dish adds rustic charm. This thoughtful collection encapsulates the essence of the Algarve, offering a sensory journey through its landscapes and craftsmanship, making it an enchanting holiday gift.


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