Natural Soy Wax Candle – Orange and Cinnamon


Natural Soy Wax Candle produced by hand with natural ingredients. It does not release toxins or carcinogenic substances. Flavored with essential oils.
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The 100% natural soy wax candles are handmade by Saboaria D’Aldeia, with natural ingredients and materials and last approximately 10 hours. They do not release toxins or carcinogenic substances. The wick is 100% cotton. They are flavored with essential oils of spices (cinnamon, anise and cloves) or orange and cinnamon.

The container is made of colored and reusable glazed stoneware.Stoneware Cup


They help make your space more welcoming and relaxing.

Usage suggestions

When lighting your candle, be vigilant and take into account the following precautions:

  • Remove the decorative elements from the candle when lighting it (as they are flammable);
  • The lit candle must be away from flammable products, fabrics, curtains, paper etc;
  • Keep the lit candle away from children or animals;
  • Blow out the candle before leaving the house or going to sleep

Additional information

Composition: Soy wax, cotton wick, essential oils

Net weight: 200g
Type of packaging: Paper
Average shelf life: N/A
Conservation: Ambient temperature


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